Internet snoops and the great Canadian migration

Hey all;
Two posts today via my mainstream media clients: a piece on Bill C-12 and government snooping in The Chronicle Herald and in the Charlottetown Guardian, observations on the current state of the cross-Canada economy, literally.
The Herald piece revisits a subject of which the federal Tories never seem to tire: their pushing of the government’s nose into every nook and cranny of our online lives. It’s almost obsessive, given how they got their clocks cleaned for their last Internet surveillance bill. It’s also one of those weird contradictions, this is the same party that finds it intrusive for census-takers to ask about the number of bathrooms in a home.
The Guardian piece arose from a trip out to Alberta and back. It’s not going to shock you to find confirmation of a big trend that goes back decades. But given that it’s actually gaining momentum, it appears to be here to stay or at least for the our lifetimes.

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