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Journalist, broadcaster, consultant. And sailor. I've been a pro journalist for more than 30 years as a reporter, writer, producer and senior editor. Parliamentary reporter for The Canadian Press. Executive Producer, CBC Television News, Former Director of News Content at The Chronicle Herald. Gemini Award - Best Live Special Event Coverage (1999) and Atlantic Journalism Awards winner, Commentary (2007 and 2009).

The fracking freak-out to come

To frack or not to frack, that is the question the Nova Scotia government doesn’t have to think about for another two years. But it’s a question we should be asking ourselves, or a series of questions about energy and … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished! Sort of.

We interrupt this program to bring you an information bulletin from the Department of National Defence. Here is the bulletin: a Canadian naval submarine has successfully fired a torpedo. That is all. Well, actually more than one torpedo as the … Continue reading

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Vote suppression: the real problem in robocalls

My column in The Chronicle Herald today is about the philosophy behind voter suppression tactics like robo-calling with negative messages, attack ads and other political chicanery. Some of the commenters are suggesting that all’s fair in love and war, and … Continue reading

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Really, Mr. Dunne? Media hype about submarines?

So, media reporting about submarine accidents and damage from an underwater grounding is just so much uninformed, misinformed hype, Tim Dunne? Dunne wrote in The Chronicle Herald op-ed page on the weekend how the grounding of HMCS Corner Brook was … Continue reading

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Fire Vic Toews. For everyone’s good

Man, Vic Toews really stepped in it this time. He has fired up the Interwebs and he is facing their wrath. And he deserves every bit of it. This is a cabinet minister skating on ice as thin as paper. … Continue reading

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Canada: we oppose torture. Sort of

Here’s my column in today’s Chronicle Herald pointing out that the federal government, most particularly the odious Public Security Minister Vic Toews, is being deeply hypocritical on the subject of torture. We say we don’t do it, but we’re cool … Continue reading

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The census is a wake-up call. So Nova Scotia, wake up

If any of us needed reminding why some new energy has to be pumped into our sleepy paradise by the sea, then last week’s census was a wake-up call of the first order. Nova Scotia is growing more slowly than … Continue reading

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Savage in the race: let the games begin

If Mike Savage truly has multi-partisan support for his campaign for mayor, he will be the strongest threat to Peter Kelly since the Bedford bumbler first took over at City Hall. And there are signs that Savage does have support … Continue reading

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Transit Strike: dialogue of the deaf

So is this strike all about the city’s deafness to the needs of its transit workers? Or is it all about a clique of senior union members imposing their will on the broader union, the city and 90,000-plus people a … Continue reading

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Yeah, that Dan Leger

You might remember me from such newsy enterprises as The Chronicle Herald, or CBC TV or even The Canadian Press if you’re of a certain age. I’ve worked in Halifax, St. John’s and Ottawa, but my heart is here in … Continue reading

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