Fire Vic Toews. For everyone’s good

Man, Vic Toews really stepped in it this time. He has fired up the Interwebs and he is facing their wrath. And he deserves every bit of it.

This is a cabinet minister skating on ice as thin as paper. He has called too many ordinary people terrorists and has told too many of us we side with child pornographers. He has taken partisanship to levels below which we have rarely peered. He is the Public Security Minister who has made us less secure. But more important, he has become an embarrassment to the Harper government. Do not be surprised if he’s fired.

Toews goes too far in castigating opponents of the Harper government. ¬†You can’t suggest that law-abiding Canadians with concerns about personal privacy and civil rights are siding with pedophiles. It’s beyond the pale of civilized political discourse. For that alone, he should be sacked.

Did you notice his mealy-mouthed “apology” on CBC Radio over the weekend? Like so many other politicians who want to sound apologetic without admitting any wrongdoing, he suggested that if people objected to his comments, then he would take that into account. Big whoop. That is not an apology, that is weasel talk. Besides, who needs an apology from Toews? The prime minister, who must be getting tired of walking around behind Vic with a pooper scooper, should end the misery now and send Vic back to Manitoba.

And Toews deserves what he got from the vengeful internet. He proposed a catastrophic erosion of personal rights and privacy. It was only fitting that his own privacy got trashed in the process. By the way, such behaviour by a cabinet minister would have been a clear firing offence back in the Cold War days. A minister responsible for a security file would have been judged vulnerable to blackmail or sinister temptation and been quietly shuttled aside.

One thing that is disturbing about Vic and Vikileaks30, the Twitter account that outed his messy divorce and personal spending habits, is that self-appointed avengers are doing the deeds. Who named Anonymous to be the watchdog of all that is right online? Toews has committed enough political blunders to fully justify his dismissal from cabinet. The anonymous, or Anonymous avengers should leave it to Canadians to make political decisions.

By the way, here’s a link to my column in The Chronicle Herald about that selfsame minister and his many problems: here

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  1. j coyle says: is without the faintest hint of a doubt the most mind-altering substance I have ingested since – never mind. . .oh, alright, since the late, sainted GvG squired me around Halifax for a bit of local colour back in the days when B. Mulroney and D.Peterson were accusing each other of an unbecoming degree of temerity, or words to that effect. Anyway, it was a long time ago. I am delighted to learn that Dan Leger is, in fact, still alive and still lashing fingers to keyboard.

  2. Dan Leger says:

    My dear Coyle. If you can remember being in Halifax, you weren’t really here. Everyone knows that.

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